Frequently Asked Questions about Erectile Dysfunction

Frequently Asked Questions about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is an inability to gain an erection naturally to perform sexual activity. Millions of men are dealing with this trouble; however, this condition is a concern when ED happens frequently. Erectile Dysfunction can be a result of an on-going health issue such as stress, heart problem, etc. Several men and their partners have questions about this awful condition. Remember, if you have any doubts about sexual health, always consult an expert to get right information. Therefore, let’s know about faqs about impotence.

1. What is male impotence?

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common sexual ailment in men. It is an inability to gain erection naturally to perform sexual activity. However, anti-impotent medicines can help to overcome this condition.

2. Does impotence occur at a certain age?

No. ED can occur irrespective of a man’s age. Any adult man may get affected by ED. However, it is common that men above 50 years of age are more likely to suffer from ED. Consulting your doctor to keep your love life romantic can help.

3. Can I prevent erectile dysfunction?

No one can prevent erectile dysfunction as such. However, keeping your heart healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can surely help. You can follow a few tips such as maintaining a desirable weight, healthy diet, no smoking, drinking less or no alcohol, etc. can make a lot of difference.

4. What are the treatments for ED?

Penile surgery and penile implants are the available procedures. However, they have various disadvantages. Another easy alternative is anti-impotent medicines that are 98{a0f246d63b498b77319ddcc3c83e228febf6e5b6391b90bdbf30058a8c493677} effective. Sildenafil citrate generic pills are commonly used.

5. How successful anti-impotent pills are in a diabetic person?

Anti-impotent medicines such as sildenafil citrate, vardenafil, Levitra, and so on have a higher success rate in diabetic patients as well. It works well for men with this condition. However, one needs to take it after consulting their physician.

6. Does insurance cover anti-impotent treatment?

Insurance coverage for impotence treatment depends on the treatment method. If a health problem is responsible for ED, then some benefit of insurance you can claim. Methods such as therapies that are not approved by the FDA is covered in insurance. Ask your insurance provider if ED treatment is covered in medical insurance or not.

7. I was unaware of ED? Is it something new?

Erectile dysfunction has been like forever, which means right from the time humankind started existence. However, earlier people were not talking about it openly until viagra arrived in the market in the year 1999. Today, there many other anti-impotent medicines that are publicly advertised. Therefore, this condition is not new.

8. Can I still have sexual intercourse if I have ED?

Yes! You can perform sexual intercourse by taking anti-impotent medicines such as Viagra that act to boost blood flow to the penile organ. Improved blood flow makes it easy to attain an erection when sexually aroused.

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