Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Men around the world are in great misery because of hair loss. Thousands of men experience complete or partial hair loss until they reach fifty. Usually, we lose over 100 strands of hair a day. It is a natural process, so don’t worry. Reasons such as stress, medicines, diet, deficiency, and hereditary can result in hair loss. Whereas, regularly using a hat or a helmet can be a reason too. Following a few precautions may help you to dodge this ordeal. So, let’s know a few.

1. Washing hair is the key!

Regularly cleaning and hydrating your scalp will help you prevent hair loss. Hair washing with the right shampoo helps to lower the risk of infections and dandruff that makes hair texture brittle and weak. Moreover, clean hair makes your hair gain the desired volume.

2. Vitamins

Well-nourished hair keeps your hair healthy and strong. Vitamin A stimulates the secretion of sebum in the scalp. Additionally, Vitamin E augments higher blood to the scalp that helps to grow smooth hair. The hair follicles become more productive.

3. Healthy diet

Eating more protein keeps your hair healthy and prevents hair loss. You can eat protein-rich food such as eggs, meat, soy, and fish.

4. Oil massage

Giving an oil massage to your hair for a couple of minutes can also reduce hair loss. It helps to activate your hair follicles. Adding lavender in an almond or sesame oil can do wonders.

5. Avoid brushing wet hair

Wet hairs are in a weak state. Therefore, you must avoid brushing wet hair. However, using a wide-tooth comb will help if you want to comb such hair. Additionally, you must avoid combing your hair too often can damage your hair and increase hair loss. Using fingers to untangle may help.

6. Use green tea

Experts suggest that rubbing a small amount of green tea on your scalp or hair will reduce hair loss. One needs to brew two green tea bags in one cup of water. Apply on the hair once the solution gets to room temperature. Keep the mask for an hour and later wash your hair thoroughly. You can follow this for ten days to get the desired results.

7. Avoid alcohol consumption

Drinking excessive alcoholic beverages can lead to hair loss and stunted hair growth. So, decrease or stop consuming alcohol to see good and healthy hair growth.

8. Say no to smoking

Smoking cigarettes inhibits blood flow towards your scalp, which can make you more prone to hair loss and hair thinning. Therefore, if you are a regular smoker experiencing hair loss, get rid of smoking to save your hair.

9. Physical workout

Regular physical workout not only keeps you fit but can do wonders for your entire body, including hair. Activities like biking, swimming, or walking for 30 minutes a day keeps your hormonal level balanced. Stress level gets reduced, which is one of the reasons behind hair fall.

So, these were some preventive steps for reducing hair loss rates in men. If you experience excessive hair loss, consult your physician to take the right treatment.

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