Causes & Effective Treatment Options for Hair Loss in Men

Causes & Effective Treatment Options for Hair Loss in Men

Almost every man in this world is suffering from severe hair loss. This condition is a result of various factors such as age. In the majority of men, androgenetic alopecia causes hair loss; however, there are many reasons behind severe hair thinning and hair loss.

As per the statistics in the USA, roughly two-thirds of men face moderate hair loss till the time they are 35. Whereas, most men in their fifty’s experience hair loss and hair thinning. Some preventative measures and medications can help deal with the loss of hair. So let’s know the causes of hair loss and effective treatment options for hair loss in men.

Common causes of hair loss

Male baldness is a condition that comes hereditarily; therefore, you will be more likely to experience baldness if your father or grandfather have or have had it. It can start quite early in puberty or possibly much later in your life. Hair loss does not happen immediately. You will see hair losing patterns first. It affects the temples and the front of the middle of the scalp. Men experience the hair shoe pattern commonly. Causes of hair loss are as follows:

  1. Hormonal changes: Imbalance or fluctuations in hormones can cause short-term hair loss. Hormonal changes occur due to the thyroid gland.
  2. Scalp Infections: Ringworm infection is the most common one that men experience. If not treated early, it damages skin and hair texture. When this happens, scaly patches occur.
  3. Patchy hair loss: Alopecia areata is another term for patchy hair loss. It happens when the body’s immune system damages the hair follicles. The attack causes sudden and rapid hair loss that leads to complete baldness and smooth skin.
  4. Skin disorders: Psoriasis and lupus are skin diseases that may result in permanent hair loss in men in the damaged areas.
  5. Various medications: Extreme heavy dosage of some medications may also lead to hair loss. It also can be a side effect of some potent medicines.

Effective Treatment Options for Hair Loss In Men


This drug was developed by researchers to control high blood pressure. An interesting fact about this drug is that researchers found out Minoxidil has an absurd side effect that causes unwanted hair growth. They used this quality to save men from hair loss.

Its complete mechanism is unknown. However, we only know that this drug appears to widen the hair follicle that helps to get thicker hair. It also makes the hair growth period long-lasting.

Generic Finasteride

Generic Finasteride is widely used to prevent baldness at the crown and middle of the scalp. This drug is usually advised to men to suffer hair loss; however, this drug is not recommended by experts to kids, pregnant, or breastfeeding women. Finasteride drug was developed by researchers to overcome prostate cancers. It works by reducing the secretion of a hormone called DHT in the scalp. Lowering its production helps to prevent hair thinning, smaller hair follicles, and hair loss.

These were the common causes and effective treatment options for hair loss in men. Also, one must remember to take experts’ advice.

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