Debunking Common Myths about Asthma

Debunking Common Myths about Asthma

Approximately 25 million people are dealing with and living with asthma in the USA. Asthma is a severe condition that makes breathing difficult because of the inflamed airway and results in blocking oxygen supply to the lungs. Asthma is a non-curable disease; one can only control asthma attacks with the right treatment. Asthma is a hereditary disease, which it may pass from generation to generation.

Despite the seriousness of this disease, many myths keep lingering around about asthma, which people easily believe. So, here are some common myths about asthma that we will debunk today.

Myth 1: Kids with asthma should restrain physical workout.

Fact: Kids with minor or controlled asthma can do physical activities such as exercise. Experts say that regular exercise can reduce the chances of obesity, which can trigger asthma and may show severe symptoms.

Myth 2: Asthma only affects the lungs.

Fact: Asthma occurs due to a systemic inflammatory process and not just lungs. According to new research, a condition when people suffer from blood lips or higher blood cholesterol has more chance of developing health issues such as blood sugar that leads to diabetes and cardiac disorders as well as asthma. Therefore, an asthma patient should eat healthily. Such patients should follow a low carb diet.

Myth 3: Asthma goes away.

Fact: Few people believe that asthma disappears from life after some time. Well, that is not true. This disease is associated with the lungs, which is incurable. One can only control asthma. In children, asthma symptoms subside, but in puberty, symptoms can relapse. Later, lifestyle changes as an adult can also cause asthma, such as excessive drinking.

Myth 4: Asthma medicines stop being effective over time.

Fact: Asthma drugs remain efficient to treat and control asthma attacks. One needs to take all the medicines as directed. One must follow the drug regime correctly as recommended; this will maintain the effectiveness of the drug. Mild attacks can are treatable when a person experiences symptoms. Contrary, individuals with severe asthma need to take medications daily to avoid inflammation of the airway. When severe asthma symptoms do not subside after taking medicines, this means the treatment might be ineffective.

Myth 5: Asthma is a result of allergens.

Fact: Triggers of an asthma attack varies from person to person. Allergies may develop into asthma or asthma attacks. However, only air-borne allergies can cause asthma. The common allergens are cats, dust, cockroaches, specific foods, etc. There are many other causes behind asthma that are not associated with air-borne allergic reactions. The other common triggers are physical workout, inhaling cold air, stress, and infections that result in mucus and cause blocking of the airway.

Myth 6: One can control asthma.

Fact: True, one can control asthma. However, it is not easy. There are four stages of asthma intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, and severe persistent. So, people with severe asthma need to take a daily dose of medicines to prevent inflammation. Whereas mild asthma patients who experience symptoms once a week. So, one can take the drug during an asthma attack occurs.

These were the common myths about asthma. Henceforth, if you hear any misconception, ask an expert.

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