Diagnosis and Treatment of Hair Loss in Men

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hair Loss in Men

Many products are displayed to give you back your stronger hair. However, only a few of those products work. Besides, these products can burn a hole in your pocket, including shampoos and supplements. If a man is bald, there is no cure to grow hair back. Though, those men who have started losing some strands may consult an expert to get treatment. He will perform a diagnosis first.

Diagnosis of Hair Loss

When you consult your doctor, he will perform a diagnosis first. He will examine you and may ask questions about your diet, medical conditions, medical history of the family, etc. You may likely go under testing such as:

  1. Blood test: To know if you have any medical condition that is causing hair loss.
  2. Pull test: He will pull some hair strands to see how many get easily plucked. Doing this will determine the stage of hair-fall.
  3. Biopsy of scalp: He will examine the scalp by scratching little skin, which he will observe under a microscope. He will examine your hair roots. It will rule out whether or not you have any infection.
  4. Light microscopy: This helps to discover if you have any hair shaft disorder. Your doctor will be using an instrument for this test.

Medications for Reducing Hair Loss in Men

For men who are dealing with hair loss because of a disease, treating that condition is necessary. If a specific drug is causing the hair loss, your physician may advise you to stop the dosage temporarily.

Many medicines help to halt the hair loss pattern (hereditary pattern). Widely used tablets are Minoxidil and Finasteride.


This drug comes in a liquid form available over the counter. It is more of a shampoo. To gain the desired results, you need to apply this product on your scalp twice regularly. Apply the product on your wet hair. Anti-hair loss products that contain Minoxidil that works like a wonder. Many people have experienced regrowth of hair or slowing down the hair loss process or both. Using it for a minimum of six months will help to get rid-off hair loss and to start hair growth. You will recognize its effect after a few months. If you get the desired results, continue to use this drug to get the utmost benefits. Its side effects include slight irritation on the scalp.

Finasteride (Propecia)

This drug is used for men to prevent hair loss. Taking a pill on a regular basis. It will help you experience a noticeable slowing of hair loss. Some may see regrowth of hair. You will need some time to tell whether it is working for you or not. However, use this drug regularly or take as directed to get the benefits. Finasteride may not work for men who are in their 60’s.

There are no minor side effects of finasteride drug. However, the rare effects of this drug are lower sex drive and may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Women who are or may be pregnant should avert touching crushed or broken pills.

In brief, taking the right medicines may help you to reduce hair loss and prevent complete baldness.

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