Foods That Can Help Treat or Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Foods That Can Help Treat or Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition that leads to a semi or completely soft phallic state while a man is trying to indulge in sexual intercourse. There are various factors suggested to be the reason behind this condition; however, through studies, it is confirmed that insufficient supply of blood to the reproductive organ is what causes ED. Thus, if the condition is relevant to the supply of blood it can be handled through natural ways.

Despite the availability of effective ED drugs, such as sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra), and tadalafil (Cialis), it appears that natural ways of treating ED are still an option for many men with impotence. There are many foods that do have erection-enhancing effects. These foods can be used in the daily diet and when used in long run can have better effects, such as:


Onions are said to one of the beneficial foods for erectile dysfunction. It is understood that the erectile mechanism of the penis greatly depends on blood circulation. Onions have the capability of thinning the blood and thus it is said to be healthy heart food. It is said that the volume of blood increases and its flow becomes flawless when the blood becomes thinner. Increased supply of blood to your reproductive organ helps you have a better erection.


Garlic, similar to onions, contains a beneficial phytochemical called allicin. This chemical also has an anticoagulant effect and helps in thinning the blood which ensures appropriate circulation to the penile shaft and other organs of the body.


Oysters are considered one of the best foods that men can have to enhance their erections and overall sexual health. This is because these sea items contain a considerable amount of zinc and vitamin B6. Both of these substances are significant for healthy testosterone levels. It will surely help you maintain a healthy sex drive, which is another secondary reason for ED.


Chilies are another beneficial food-type that can enhance the blood flow to the penile shaft. The reason why people experience flushes after having spicy foods full of chilies is that the ingredient in question dilates blood vessels and the supply of blood to relevant areas increases. Though the flushes are only experienced on the face the effect is actually generalized throughout the body. Since the effect is hydraulic relying on the supply of blood, men can experience a better erection after having chilies.

Cherries and Berries

Consider having cherries as frequently as possible. These fruits are rich in anthocyanins, which are plant chemicals that help in maintaining arterial-wall health and preventing plaque development. Berries also have similar effects.


A healthy heart ensures healthy pumping of blood to various regions of the body and thus eating bananas to supply your body with potassium can prove to be beneficial. Potassium is studied to be essential for heart health and circulation.

Apart from the aforementioned foods, there are other items such as coffee, porridge, herb pasta, and medicinal herbs, which can be used on daily basis to prevent erectile dysfunction and improve the quality of your erections.

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