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Privacy Policy

HisKart is serious when it comes to maintaining your privacy. We believe that customer information should never be compromised or shared with anybody. We strictly follow our privacy policy, which is well-executed and customers can keep believe in us and provide important information to process and deliver the orders. Therefore, to withstand this trust, we fully follow the stringent privacy policy, which ensures all your private information is completely protected and not compromised. HisKart also takes care of your information by not sharing it to third party companies.

100% Information Security

Personal details saved with us are only used business processes. Customers can modify, update, change or even delete their information present in our database. In fact, the information is stored only until customers are registered with us for their safety purpose. Your personal information is never manipulated from our side. We store your information in a very secure manner.

No Spamming

Our privacy policy mainly focuses on no spam rule, which means we will not send you any unsolicited or promotional messages to your email id unless you agree to receive them at the time of account registration. At times, customers may receive newsletters from us about addition of new products or services if at all they subscribe with us. You can let us known if you still receive promotional mails even after you have no interest. We will immediately stop the service of sending promotional mails to your inbox.